Tax - Case Studies

We provide a full range of tax services.  The aim always is to minimise tax liabilities whilst ensuring full compliance with relevant legislation.

Below are examples of how we have helped.

Start-up IT Development Company
We prepared the documentation to support claims for Research & Development Tax Credits and obtained significant payments from the Revenue providing cash for futher development work.

The client was trading as a partnership.  Change to a limited company reduced the overall tax payable and provided protection to the owners.

HMRC carried out a routine PAYE review and initially claimed that payments to subcontractors should have been dealt with through the PAYE system, at significant additional cost to the client.  We presented the case for the for the client and the Revenue withdrew its claim in full.

Individual Moving Overseas
Our client took employment overseas leaving assets in the UK.  We assisted in preparing accounts and tax returns and dealing with enquiries from the Revenue.

International IP Company
Our client carried out a major restructuring and sale of the major part of their business.  We advised on all company tax including Corporation tax, VAT, PAYE and personal tax - Income and Capital Gains.

Individual Selling Rental Property
The disposal of a rental property can result in a large charge to Capital Gains Tax.  We ensured that all the relevant reliefs were claimed and there was no tax to pay.